This is My Son Podcast Feeder

March 5, 2016

I spent the first couple of years out of grad school making podcasts with friends in my free time. Every podcast needs a website, so I set about building one for my last podcast with the goal of making it as hands-off and easy to maintain as possible.

The Problem

Making podcasts is fun. Maintaining Tumblrs for them is not.

I used Tumblr as a blog platform for several years since it has a nice audio player and out of the box blog templates, and was a good place to aggregate links to things like iTunes and the podcast's Twitter account. Unfortunately, using Tumblr meant having to laboriously copy and paste episode titles, URLs, and descriptions between my RSS feeds and blogs. I figured the actual thing I wanted was just a way for listeners to be able to browse the feed itself in an attractive, usable way.

The Design

The final site uses PHP to loop through my feed XML and generate a webpage. I also used the HTML5 audio tag to make episodes playable in-browser.

Actually the most valuable part of this was that a couple weeks later, when I was tasked with showing recent blog posts in our style guide at work, I already had XML-parsing code on hand to re-use.

The slightly goofy and deliberately eye-scalding homepage for my podcast